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 Welcome to Universal Driving School Ottawa Inc.

                           "We Care About Driving"


Universal Driving School offers Defensive Driver’s Training Program that is fit for novice drivers and experienced drivers. Did you book a Rd test? We can help you,don't have to doit by yourself. Take one of our Rd Test Package or just a refresher Defensive Driving Course to help you master the rules of the road and positive driving attitude that will make you a good safe and Defensive driver. The skill you learn will also help you pass the MTO Road Test. We can book a Road test for you whether you are going for G1 to G2 or full G license we are here to help you with all your driving needs. Our instructors teach only one student at a time in-car, if you looking to take BDE Course sign up on our website Course registration.Driving is fun

Office is Open Mon – Sat and with appointments as well (phone lines) 613.882.5764 or 613.796.9233







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