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 Welcome to Universal Driving School Ottawa Inc.


Universal Driving School offers Defensive Driver’s Training Program that is fit for novice drivers and experienced drivers. Did you book a Rd test? We can help you,don't have to doit by yourself. Take one of our Rd Test Package or just a refresher Defensive Driving Course to help you master the rules of the road and positive driving attitude that will make you a good safe and Defensive driver. The skill you learn will also help you pass the MTO Road Test. We can book a Road test for you whether you are going for G1 to G2 or full G license we are here to help you with all your driving needs. Our instructors teach only one student at a time in-car, if you looking to take BDE Course sign up on our website Course registration.Driving is fun

Office is Open Mon – Sat and with appointments as well (phone lines) 613.882.5764 or 613.796.9233







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