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At Universal Driving School we offer many Courses, Defensive Driver’s Training Program ,Drivers Improvement Course,BDE Course,that is fit for novice drivers and experienced drivers. DDC,DIC Course,Winter Driving Course,Private Driving lesson, Rd Test Packages use of car. We can help you master the rules of the road and positive driving attitude that will make you a good safe and confident driver.The skill you learn will also help you pass the Ministry of Transportation Road Test, We can book Road test for you whether you are going for G1 to G2 or full G licence, we're here to help you with all your driving needs, Our polite instructors teach only one student at a time in-car. If you're looking to take BDE Course enroll on our website or give us a call.
Office is Open Mon – Sat 8am-8pm and with appointments as well (phone lines) 613.882.5764  or 613.796.9233
Why Choose us!
Universal Driving School offer many different Courses,such as Defensive Driving Course, Driver Improvement Course, BDE Course,Winter Driving Course,VIP Driving Lesson,private driving lessons, to prepare you for the road ahead and for rd test. Serving Greater Ottawa since March/ 17/2005…Established Driving School…As a Ministry of Transportation approved Driving School Universal Drivers offers a state-of-the-art well designed and professional drivers training program that is fit for beginner drivers delivering you instruction to help you become a safe and confident driver.We strive to make your driving experience enjoyable, our priority is to providing you an excellent driver’s education that will last you a lifetime. We prepare you for the Ministry of Transportation Road Test , with our help you will develop good and positive driving habits and skill necessary to be safe on Canadian and USA roads for you your family and other road users. We are approved as a Master Driving School in Ottawa.
Basic Driving Skill
As a driver, one of the most basic driving skills you can acquire is a good attitude towards other drivers. It is important to remember that you are in control of the car that could potentially be a lethal weapon. Stay positive and do not become stressed out at other drivers and their bad road manners. Staying patient is the key to any basic driving skills.
Keep a constant watch on your surroundings and be aware of people and vehicles around you at all times. Check your mirrors frequently, and always check your blind spots by looking over your shoulder before making turns and lane changes. Knowing what is going on behind you is often overlooked, but it is extremely important to know whether cars behind you are too close, too fast or trying to overtake. Remember that you share the road with others. Trucks, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians all call for your attention and courtesy on the road. It is important to remember that other vehicles have different needs. For example, trucks need extra stopping room and wider turning lanes; buses need to enter traffic from stopping lanes; and when passing cyclists in narrow lanes, they should be given the full width.